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Vinicius Jr. takes stand against racism on Brazil’s Black Consciousness Day




On Brazil’s Black Consciousness Day, Vinicius Jr. seized the opportunity to send a powerful anti-racism message across major cities in Brazil, extending his impact to some locations in New York City.

The impactful message displayed on billboards reads: “Racism, don’t pretend you don’t see it,” via AS.

The Brazilian footballer, currently sidelined due to a muscular injury sustained during the fifth round of the Eliminatorias against Colombia, will be absent for the upcoming match against Argentina at Maracanã this Tuesday, missing a crucial fixture.

Vinicius Jr. leads a campaign aimed at combating, punishing, and educating against racism. He is actively working towards influencing changes in Spanish legislation to categorize racism and racial insults, which he has encountered in La Liga, as criminal offenses.

The player’s efforts received a significant boost when the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) reached an agreement to hold a friendly match in March 2024.

This friendly aims to reinforce the commitment of both entities against racism in football. Additionally, Vinicius has established a social media monitoring team to identify anonymous perpetrators of racist acts and initiate legal proceedings against them.

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