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Vinicius Junior discusses why he may leave Real Madrid and racism in football




Photo by Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images

In a recent interview with France Football, Vinicius Jr, the talented Brazilian winger for Real Madrid, openly discussed several significant topics, including his commitment to combating racism and his aspirations for the future with the Blancos.

Confronting racism: ‘It’s something I want to keep fighting against’

The interview opened with Vinicius addressing the issue of racism. He stated, “Racism? It’s something I want to keep fighting against.” He went on to recount multiple unfortunate incidents where he had been subjected to racism, notably during a match in Valencia.

The young winger expressed deep sadness about such experiences and emphasized his determination to stand against racism on and off the pitch.

The impact of racism on players’ Mental well-being

Vinicius described how racism can have a profound impact on a player’s state of mind. He shared, “Even a minority of individuals displaying racist behavior can influence a player’s focus and joy in playing the game.” This sentiment resonates with many athletes who have faced similar challenges.

La Liga in the hands of racists?

The young star spoke about his attempts to address the issue within La Liga. He explained, “I had already tried to speak about this problem, but they didn’t listen to me. They only listened when the whole world started discussing racism in Spain. That made them react.”

Vinicius acknowledges that he may not change the world, but he’s determined to do his part to ensure that children don’t have to endure the same experiences. He stated, “It’s something I want to continue to fight for. I want my little brother not to go through what I experienced.”

Vinicius’s ambiguous future with Real Madrid

The interview concluded with Vinicius contemplating his future with Real Madrid. He mentioned the possibility of remaining with the club for his entire career, but there’s a twist. He made a heartfelt promise to his father that he would return to Flamengo, the club that holds a special place in his heart.

“I think I could stay there (Real Madrid) my whole career but the club of my life is Flamengo. I promised my father I’d go back there one day. I’ve got to keep that promise.”

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