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The reason Andriy Lunin can no longer win the Zamora trophy this season




(Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images)

Madrid’s strong defensive performance at the beginning of the season may not result in any individual awards. Ancelotti is still undecided about the goalkeeper position, but Kepa’s selection in Vitoria has prevented Lunin from competing for the Zamora Prize and has already had consequences.

The criteria for the goalkeeper award for the fewest goals conceded in the league, as established by Marca, stipulate that a player must have participated in at least 28 games (with a minimum of 60 minutes played in each) to be eligible. As Lunin has only played 7 league games so far and there are 20 games remaining, he can only potentially reach a total of 27 games, making him ineligible for the award.

Lunin has a better average than Kepa, having conceded four goals in seven games, giving him an average of 0.57 goals conceded per game. Kepa, on the other hand, has conceded seven goals in 11 games, averaging 0.64 goals conceded per game. Only two teams have conceded less than one goal per game in the 18 rounds of the championship: Real Madrid and Las Palmas. Álvaro Valles leads the classification for the Zamora trophy, which Kepa still has a chance to compete for.


Andriy Lunin had doubts about continuing at Real Madrid but his recent performance coupled with trust from Ancelotti might change the situation

The year 2023 has been a standout year for Lunin at Real Madrid, as he has seen significant playing time, featuring in 15 games. His opportunities arose due to injuries to Courtois and Kepa, and he has made the most of them, impressing with his performances. This has left Ancelotti with a difficult decision on who to start for the remainder of the season, as Lunin’s strong form has made a compelling case for him to retain the starting position.

Lunin’s impressive statistics further highlight his impact this season, as he currently holds the highest save percentage among goalkeepers in the top five European leagues, standing at an impressive 83.3%. This places him on par with Inter’s Yann Sommer from Switzerland. Such stellar performance has solidified Lunin’s position as a formidable force in goal and has undoubtedly given Ancelotti much to consider when making his selection for future matches.

The Ukrainian goalkeeper’s rise to prominence in 2023 marks a significant milestone in his career at Real Madrid, showcasing his ability to seize opportunities and deliver standout performances when called upon. As he continues to excel, he has undoubtedly become a key figure in the team’s goalkeeping department, presenting Ancelotti with a welcome dilemma in choosing who will guard the net for the rest of the campaign.

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